Spiraclimb Advantages

  • Spiraclimb is a better way of supporting plants than using a single cane 
  • It is made from strong, galvanised spring steel and will give very long service, year after year.   They are made in the UK and are NOT PLASTIC!
  • Assembly is very easy and quick.
  • No need to tie in plants as the Spiraclimb’s metal coils’ do the supporting of the plant and also any produce like tomatoes and cucumbers.  
  • Unlike other similar offerings, fiddly pegs are not needed to anchor the Spiraclimb to the compost or soil.  The assembled Spiraclimb is a strong but lightweight, stand-alone structure.
  • The clever design of the bottom hook means the wire is maintained snugly against the cane. After you have potted up your plant, the cane is inserted into the compost near the edge of the pot, therefore not damaging the root ball.  The wire spiral goes over the plant which is then trained and supported.
  • The top of the cane holds the top of the Spiraclimb.  Bare cane tops are very dangerous as people bend over them and get eye injuries.  The shape and position of the top of the Spiraclimb helps prevent these injuries.
  • The Spiraclimb is easy to dismantle and store.
  • The Spiraclimb looks great with a pleasing tapering helix providing a ‘topiary’ look.  
  • For edibles such as tomatoes the Spiraclimbs wire will support the plants and the fruiting trusses without any further tying in.

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