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Safety Instructions

1. Although Spiraclimb is not a spring, the Spiraclimb product has spring like qualities. Please take care when removing from sleeve, attaching to cane, inserting in planting pot and removing from cane for use with another plant.

2. When not in use, we recommend you replace the black plastic cap and replace Spiraclimb in its original sleeve. Please take note that the upright arm of Spiraclimb does not bend down flat and should be stored in a safe place. Take care when using this product. Spiraclimb should not be used unsupervised by anyone less than 16 years of old. Happy growing!

General Information

Spiraclimb is a Cornish company who manufacture their product locally in the UK and ship directly to customers and retailers.

For more details on how to use Spiraclimb, see our How To Use section.

Our hints section provides some general good advice on the care of climbing plants and use of the Spiraclimb.

Tip: If you do find you have a plant established as a straight upright, do not attempt to bend it onto the lowest part of the Spiraclimb as this will damage the stems. Either commence training part-way up the Spiraclimb or start from the top and train the plant back down the spiral. The overall effect is the same but kinder to the plant.

The Garden Industry Manufacturer's Association (GIMA) describe their awards as the "Oscars of the garden retail supply industry" and Spiraclimb is very proud to have won the "New Product" GIMA Award in 2000.

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