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Our gallery of images of the Spiraclimb climbing plant and patio plant support in action. Click the thumbnail to open a larger version of the image or select a different page using the links provided.

Do you have a picture of you or your plants enjoying Spiraclimb? We'd like to compile as wide a range of climbing plants, indoor climbers and vegetables as possible! Please send you pictures to:

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Climbing_plant Clemetis_Pixie3 supporting_growth Plant_growing excellent_plant_support gardening_equipment Runner_Beans placing_bamboo_canes polytunnel_gardening Spiraclimb_top spiraclimb_in_pot spiraclimb_in_action growing_up reaching_the_top spiraclimb_improves_growth spiraclimb_go climbing_plant-support supporting_growth_on_the_cane spiraclimb_goods spiraclimb_in_sleeve