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Patio & Tub Plants & Spiraclimb
Patio Plant Support

Spiraclimb is great for providing needed support to patio and tub plants.

Abutilon Megapotamicum

For lush green foliage and dazzling deep red floral display

Climber Support

Gloriosa Superba Rothschildiana (Climbing Lily)

Requires a frost free location but will produce a stunning and elegant display.

Ivy "Godchild"

A hardy evergreen variety with stunning gold and green variegated leaves . This variety does not mind a shaded position and so can bring a splash of colour to a darker corner. Ideal for north facing patio or a courtyard garden.


There are a number of compact varieties of Clematis that are well suited to patio containers and tubs. These varieties include:

Support for Climbing Plants
  • Asao
  • Parisienne
  • Angelique
  • Cezanne
  • Chantilly
  • Pixie (see photo gallery)

Clematis Montana "Reubens"

This is a rigorous growing variety that we have found well suited to the Spiraclimb climbing plant support as can be seen in our photo gallery and in the image to the left. Even where the plant has originally been trained along a straight upright cane by the Garden Centre, as ours were, the growth quickly adapts to the spiral shape and new growth is easily twisted on to complete the spiral effect.

Tip: If you do find you have a plant established as a straight upright, do not attempt to bend it onto the lowest part of the Spiraclimb as this will damage the stems. Either commence training part-way up the Spiraclimb or start from the top and train the plant back down the spiral. The overall effect is the same but kinder to the plant.