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Indoor Plants & Spiraclimb

Spiraclimb is a perfect support to help growing indoor climbers in a conservatory by your French windows or even on a windowsill.

Rhoicissus rhomboidea (Grape ivy)

Indoor Climbing Plants
  • Well-known climbing foliage plant with glossy dark green leaves. The form Rhoicissus rhomboidea "jubilee" bears larger leaves and is much more vigorous.
  • Use John Innes potting compost.
  • Position in good light over winter.
  • Do not over water.

Philodendron scandens (Sweetheart vine)

  • Easily grown plain green leaved climber.
  • A variegated form is available with cream blotched leaves.
  • Peat based compost suits it well, keep well watered during summer and just moist the rest of the year.
  • Position in good light but not in direct sun.
Indoor Climbing Plants

Scindapsus aureus (Devil's ivy)

  • An interesting climbing houseplant, also known as Raphidophora aura and Epipremnum aureum.
  • As plant matures the broadly spear shaped leaves become heart shaped and can grow to one foot (30 cms) long.
  • John Innes compost or peat-based compost is suitable.
  • Give slight shade during summer and ensure it is adequately watered.
Outdoor Plants & Spiraclimb

If you want some quick instant colour to keep you going while slower climbers establish them selves then annuals are the answer.

Tropaeolum majus (Nasturtium)

Climbing Plants
  • Grow from seed.
  • Do not plant in to richer soil to prevent the plant producing all leaf and no flower.

Tropaeolum speciosum

  • Grow from seed.
  • Thrives in shady conditions.
  • Loves an acid soil.

Tropaeolum peregrinum (Canary creeper)

  • More vigorous climbing tendencies than Nasturtiums.
  • Sow indoors and move outside in spring when all danger of frost has passed.
  • Use ordinary potting compost and keep moist.
Climbing Plants

Cobaea scandens (The cup and saucer plant)

  • Originates from South America is actually a perennial but will rarely last the winter in the U.K.
Climbers For Difficult Spots

If your garden faces north there are still plenty of climbers you can grow on your Spiraclimb.

Honeysuckle, Garrya elliptica with its distinctive green catkins, The Chilean coral plant (Berberidopsis corallina) and Akebia quinata with its brownish-purple flowers are all content with being left in the shade.

Winter Cover Of Your Spiraclimb
Climbing Plant Support

Ivies especially variegated varieties will create an evergreen spectacle on your Spiraclimb that will last all year round. Ivies will also make a good backdrop to more colourful climbers during the growing season, and you could consider varieties you would envisage belonging to the ivy family such as Hedera sagittifolia and Hedera green ripple. The example to the left is "Godchild" which very quickly adapted to the Spiraclimb.

Jasminum nudiflorum (winter jasmine)

  • Is well suited to growing on a spiraclimb as its long unsightly stalks are better trained along a supportive structure to stop it looking like a teenager's bedroom.
  • Grow J.nudiflorum with J. officinale (summer jasmine) for winter and summer flowers on the same spiraclimb.