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Climbing Plant Support
Conservatory Plants & Spiraclimb

Jasminum polyanthum (pink jasmine)

Is best grown in a greenhouse or conservatory on a permanent framework for support. Do not feed or give to high a temperature or a very large pot as it may then produce masses of foliage at the expense of flowers

Indoor Climbing Plants

Hoya carnosa (wax flower)

Can bring fragrance to a room with its May to September star shaped white to flesh pink flowers. Variegated foliage forms are available, one with pink edges to the leaves, the other with yellowish to cream centres and green edges. John Innes potting compost or a peat-based type is suitable.

Conservatory Plants

Thunbergia alata (Black eyed Susan)

Well-known annual climber, with orange flowers with chocolate centre. Can be grown with Spiraclimb either indoors or out as with other climbing annuals such as 'Morning Glory.'