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Climbing Plant Support

Spiraclimb is a unique, climbing plant support, suitable for use with indoor climbing plants, topiary and garden climbers. Highly flexible in application and easy to use, Spiraclimb offers gardeners an easy, space-saving route to stunning displays.

Spiraclimb is a self-supporting structure which attaches to a standard 1m garden cane. As the name suggests, it creates a spiral around the cane, training your climbing plants into an attractive spire.

In terms of growth, Spiraclimb supports 3m of plant growth to the top of the cane. Further growth is easily accommodated by training the plant back down the spiral to create denser foliage.

The award-winning Spiraclimb offers many advantages over other types of climbing plant support.

  • Ease of use
  • Space-saving
  • Eye catching results
  • Compact, sturdy growth
  • Affordable
How do I use Spiraclimb in my garden?
Climbing Plants

Spiraclimb is a highly user friendly invention with no hidden pitfalls. The spiral clips over each end of the cane which can then be pushed into the soil next to your climbing plant. You simply twist new growth onto the Spiraclimb to train your plant. There is no need to use tape or string and the Spiraclimb covers the top of the cane so cane tops need not be used either.

For more details see our How To Use section.

This method of growing climbers, whether in your conservatory or in the garden, saves a great deal of space as the plant's growth is confined to following an upward spiral rather than purely vertical growth (which needs space and a great deal of support). Spiraclimb climbing plant support provides up to 3m growth on a 1m cane! Not only does this make Spiraclimb the method of climbing plant support of choice for smaller gardens, it means that your climbers are much more resistant to damage from windy conditions as they are less exposed and better supported. Spiraclimb can be used very successfully in tubs for patio displays.

What can Spiraclimb do for me?

Quite simply, Spiraclimb takes a lot of the work out of growing climbers. Trellis work is expensive and your plant can be easily damaged in windy conditions. A trellis grown climber needs a great deal of space to flourish. Spiraclimb offers a more compact solution whilst adding visual interest through the spiral shape. Plant growth is sturdy making it more robust and resistant to wind damage.

Topiary Products

Spiraclimb is suitable for a wide variety of popular climbing plants and some topiary species. You can produce a stunning, professional quality display cheaply and using a fraction of the space normally required. Spiraclimb offers you the flexibility to grow a climber in the centre of your beds, away from walls and trellis support as a centrepiece with a difference!

A Spiraclimb grown climber is nothing if not eye-catching! Whether you have grown a conservatory plant, a garden climber or a topiary plant, the attractive spiral shape is sure to attract admiring comments. We recommend that you keep to yourself how easy it was to achieve in order to impress your friends!

Spiraclimb is a Cornish company who manufacture their product locally and ship directly to customers and retailers. Spiraclimb can be ordered domestically in units of 1,2,3 or 6. We also offer a mail order service for garden centres, plant outlets and online stores. Spiraclimb can be purchased wholesale in boxes of a 100 for sale in your shop, stall, plant sale, etc.